Weekend Edition – Thanks, Mom + Writing Tips and Good Reads

I thank MY mom, also: @Carole Harris you ROCK with the books and reading and encouraging writing! LOVE!

Live to Write - Write to Live

Thanks, Mom.

Me and Mom Me and Mom

I am not certain whether nature or nurture has more influence in the development of literary tendencies. I am positive, however, that my mother played a pivotal role in my own emergence as both a bibliophile and a writer. By sharing her own love of the written word, she inspired me to explore the world of stories and the stories in the world from a very young age. And that, as they say, has made all the difference.

My mother read to me and my sister not just when we were little, but even as we were beginning to tread the dark and tangled edges of the teen years. As we grew older, bedtime stories evolved into dinnertime stories. My dad worked as a VP at a bank a few towns away and was often stuck late at the office. My mom would give my…

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Sally! Glad to hear about your reading heroes as well. 🙂


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