One thought on “Review of Returning The Gift By Steven Donoso

  1. Just a note from the author for people reading about Returning the Gift. Calling the participants in this book “Gurus” is unintentionally misleading. The Dalai Lama (who is not in this book) is also a spiritual teacher who has written books, but does that qualify him as a Guru?

    Two of the participants, Tolle and Adyashanti, are spiritual teachers who also write books. Tim Wilson ran a summer camp for teens from war-torn countries and Laura Waters-Hinson works as a filmmaker.
    How that qualifies them as “Gurus” is a mystery.

    If you really want to know what this eBook is about, go to Amazon and click on the “Look Inside” feature and read the beginning of the eBook. The above re-posted review is remarkable only in that it manages, in over 200 words, to share nothing about what the participants in the book are sharing — which is finding peace within ourselves and within the world. – Steve Donoso


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