Promote yourself: how to do it on this blog

#Authors: Promo opps!

Jane Dougherty Writes

For all writers, poets, photographers, artists who would like to get a promotional blog post together, this is for you.
Using the contact form makes it all rather cloak and dagger, so to simplify things for those of you with questions about what to include in your post, here are a few guidelines you might want to follow.

1) Introduce yourself in whatever way you prefer, personal or professional, and give us an idea of what you do.

2) Choose a sample of your work—prose, poems, photographs, illustrations—that does you credit. It can be as long as you like. Book excerpts are fine, just bear in mind that reading a lot of unbroken text on the computer is tiring, and you might lose readers if it’s too long.

3) Send any images that are relevant, like book covers, illustrations, author pic if you want. Again, be reasonable. Please don’t send…

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