World Food Day – Five Contemplations from Buddhist Global Relief

Donate your lunch money or latte money or SOME money to your local hunger-relief organization or donate actual food to a local food bank. Or, volunteer somewhere that feeds people. Or, SHARE this! YOU CAN HELP!

Grevillea Corner

Buddhist Global Relief
On this World Food Day, please remember those around the world who may not be able to fill their stomachs as well as the Five Contemplations before a meal:

1. This food is the due to the hard work of many and a product of our home, the Earth.

2. Eating with mindfulness and proper conduct so as to be worthy to receive it.

3. Being aware of greed and learning to eat with moderation.

4. Eating what is only necessary and reduce the suffering of living beings and preserve our environment.

5. Accepting this food as cultivation to realize the Way and to help relieve the suffering of others.

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