Do Amazon and Createspace rip off Indie publishers with failure to correctly report sales?

It makes my heart sink. How on earth are indie (or any) authors supposed to be able to earn and receive the money we deserve from book sales when the publishers, distributors and other middle-vendors are dishonest, incompetent, untrustworthy, inaccurate and unwilling to make corrections? I despair. I am outraged. What to do?


Guest post by John. R. Clark, Managing Editor at AgeView Press

When AgeView Press Indie pubbed the book FLYING SOLO in May of 2012, the author, Jeanette Vaughan  immediately began tracking sales.   She heard from excited friends and family who immediately emailed when ordering their copies.  The first sales were off of Createspace’s e-store with the title ID number given to the author.   Then, through Amazon, a week later, when the book went live on the site.  Finally on Kindle, when the ebook format was completed.

ostrich head in the sand “Where, oh where are my royalties?”

Initially, things appeared kosher.    People exclaiming that they had ordered the book, were showing up within a day or two on the electronic royalty reports with a reasaonable accuracy.    But by June and July, sales descrepencies were noted by the author from customers claiming that they had purchased the book directly through Amazon, not an Amazon affiliate.    Many of these sales…

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