Just Think About It

Wise words, here. Check yourself and remember: impermanence isn’t choosy. Neither is death.

The Search For Enlightenment

AngerNo matter the situation, make sure that the last thing you say is not something, you or the person you say it to, will regret for the rest of your lives.

We’ve all been there, a disagreement or a heated moment, where we’ve said something we later regretted. Imagine if that were the last conversation we ever had with that person, it could leave a shadow hanging over us forever.

In terms of karma, it’s never going to be in the plus column either, is it?

So whatever you may be feeling, however the situation will be left, you can always find something positive, kind or caring with which to end the conversation.

What’s the worst that can happen? It may be the last chance you ever have to say it, so have the Wisdom, Courage and Compassion to make it constructive.


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