Shopping in a Literary Farmers’ Market

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Kobo Writing Life

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There is a trend around the world these days to seek out the local, the eccentric, the home-made. It’s a natural reaction to globalisation and the drive for relentless uniformity.

Those apples from the market garden down the road might be a bit misshapen, but they’re a variety the big growers no longer cultivate. Their cauliflower might occasionally harbour an alarming-looking caterpillar, but they were freshly harvested only a few hours ago. And it all tastes marvellous.

That hand-made whatnot from the craft fair might have flaws no machine process would permit, but the craftsman will share their techniques and even encourage you to learn some of these skills for yourself.

So, what if you could do the same thing with books? What if in one place you could find the daring, the unfiltered, the not-another-celeb-biography? What if you could meet the creative artisans behind the stories and ask them…

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