Any Volunteers for a Debut Announcement?

Mazel Tov to you, Charles. I’m reblogging and reminding people to watch our great conversation on Episode 9 of *CHANGES* as they rev up to read your latest addition to the *Windemere* fantasy series!
Authors: learn more about and get yourself on or recommend someone to be scheduled as a guest: *CHANGES* G+ HOA

Legends of Windemere

The Newsman from The Muppet Show The Newsman from The Muppet Show

After a successful Cover Reveal, I was content to let things coast until the debut of:

Curse of the Dark Wind on December 12th!

Then I realized, I should probably do something on the day of the debut.  Yet I didn’t want to organize a blog tour because those are a lot of work and haven’t had any payoff the last two times.  Besides, people are coming to the holiday time and that’s when scheduling things enters a realm of ‘hit, miss, and oops’.  So what did I come up with while I was painting, eating pizza, and cursing at my GPS?

First, I really should update the maps on the GPS.

Second, I’m going to make another call for volunteers for a BlOG BLAST!  It’s really simple this time.  Here are the steps:

  1. Say you’ll help.
  2. I post the ‘CURSE OF THE DARK…

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