BOUGHT Movie: The Truth Behind Vaccines, Big Pharma & Your Food

watched about 15 minutes of this and want to watch the rest.Chilling, upsetting, important. Share! Make fun of Jenny Garth all you want; she’s not incorrect about the dangers of vaccines. The question is not whether or not to vaccinate; the questions are :when (at what ages) to vaccinate? against what? how many to give to one child at once?, with what ingredients/ formula?, and, also, what to do about GMOs, pesticides and other chemical pollution which are contributing to sensitivities in some children and who is to pay for their care when they are harmed?

This and That

This video is only available to watch free untill March 15, 2015. Scroll down to get the link to the BOUGHT website. Excerpt from below the YT video. ……”The BOUGHT documentary takes viewers deep “inside the guts” of this despicable conspiracy…
Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health… Bought exposes the hidden (and deadly) story behind it all.”

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