Political Writings: Boycott Indiana!

I don’t believe in “hell,” but karma will out. Meanwhile, yes:
“Boycott Indiana businesses and groups that support these small-minded wretches.
“Find out if they are trying this in your own neck of the woods.
“Spread the word and fight back.”
Thanks for posting! FIGHT ON!

J. B. Garner - Musings of a Starving Author

I’ll keep this shorter and sweeter than most of my (sparse) political ramblings.

Governor Mike Pence of Indiana and all of the close-minded, right-wing members of the Indiana legislative houses who made the Religious Freedom Restoration Act become law, you guys can go straight to Hell.  Oh, wait, I don’t need to say that, because your bigoted actions have already written you a one way ticket there.  Isn’t it great when my job gets done for me?

In an actual constructive aspect of this, let me say that, while not very impactful as I am one man, I will have nothing to do with any business that supports or enforces this law.  I would encourage everyone else, especially if they actually live in Indiana, to do the same.

The one positive take-away from the immediate aftermath of this horrible, despicable Act is that it is heartening to see such a…

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