Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories now Released!

Help my author friend, Nicholas C. Rossis, Episode 7’s guest on *CHANGES* conversations between authors, launch his newest collection of #specfic #scifi #fantasy #shortstories despite Greece’s economic snafus! Mazel Tov, Nicholas!

OPENINGS July 15 and beyond for #Authors, especially those in sci-fi/speculative fiction and who blog, learn more about and get yourself on *CHANGES*, and /or please recommend an #author to be scheduled as a guest:
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Nicholas C. Rossis

Woo hoo, exciting stuff! As promised, Infinite Waters: 9+1 Speculative Fiction Short Stories has now been released and is available on Amazon.

I was planning on a big promo, but all of my funds are currently frozen (they have even forbidden us access to our safety deposit boxes). Even worse, PayPal has suspended operations in Greece (although I’m busy opening a new, UK-based account). So, I would very much appreciate any help in spreading the word while this mess is sorted out!

The anthology includes the following stories:

  1. Infinite Waters“: A woman seeks her future at a carnival. She discovers more than she expected.
  2. The Twist in the Tale“: A confused woman meanders through a sleepy town. But not all is as it seems.
  3. James’ Life“: A man with nothing to look forward to but oblivion, discovers it’s not that easy to escape…

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