Small Publisher: Camel Press

Small press is accepting short-ish #novels in many genres! #Authors, check this out! Thanks, Kathy, for posting!

Writing and Illustrating

camel pressCAMEL PRESS is always looking for a fresh new voice in genre fiction.

If you have written a book that your friends adore? You are welcome here. As a small press, they are always looking for the next star and are willing to take chances on daring new stories that might otherwise be overlooked by bigger houses. They publish romance, mainstream fiction, mystery/suspense, thrillers, horror, westerns, science fiction, and fantasy.

Even if you feel that your manuscript transcends easy classification, if it is sensational in every sense, they say they want to see it. With that in mind, authors should be aware that genre novels that follow the rules are the easiest for readers to find. For us, it’s like writing a poem in iambic pentameter; the writer is finding a way to express their creativity within the conventions of the genre.

They also are happy to hear from agents, too.

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