Support an Author Month: Love a Blogger! ~ #saam14

Yes, Please: LOVE your favorite bloggers. Here are the ways: share their posts. Follow/subscribe to their blogs. Visit and leave interesting comments. Engage with others’ comments. Buy their books/products and/or recommend them to others. Tweet their blog URLs and latest posts with your comment. Re-post their content on re-posting sites (Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.). Reblog their posts with your comments. Invite them to guest-post on your site or offer to guest-blog on theirs (if they invite such and you are compatible/capable/available). Write reviews, rank, rate, vote up their books on Goodreads, Listopia, Amazon’s Listmania. Put their books on your “Wish Lists” or “To Buy” lists on book selling sites. Buy their books in indie bookstores. Tell your indie bookstores how glad you are they’re still viable and carrying YOUR favorite authors’ books. Come up with your own ways to SUPPORT AUTHORS this month!