What exists beyond the edge of the Cosmos?

True story: When I was about 10 years old and forced to attend Jewish religious education classes weekly (“Sunday School”), I got kicked out of class by repeatedly asking the teacher, then the Rabbi: “If God created everything, who created God?” and refusing to stop asking until they answered, which they could not.
I’m sure I wasn’t “nice” about it, which is probably how they justified kicking me out. But, really: what IS the answer to that question for theologians and theists? I’m a multiverse adherent, myself, from way back.
But, what could these Goddists possibly respond?

The Responsive Universe

I have always been a backyard astronomer. Even as a small child, my love for the stars and the cosmic unknown have been a lifelong interest.  I possess a couple of telescopes including a 10” diameter Dobsonian telescope. It looks like a large cannon and it might even embarrass my wife a little when I drag the 65lb beast out in the back yard on a clear night. I even blog about the various deep sky objects I find – though I have not been very active lately.

earlycosmosDeep Sky Image – Courtesy of NASA

A couple of years ago a seemingly uninteresting but historic image was taken by the Hubble Space Telescope offering a glimpse of what scientists are calling the oldest object so far discovered in the Universe – a young galaxy. Well, let me rephrase that; it was a young galaxy. A pixellated blip on a black background…

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