#AUTHORS: #Plot Spice, or the 5 Worst Places to Wake Up Unexpectedly

#AUTHORS: In case your plots need some spice, just thought I’d remind you of the 5 Worst Places to Wake Up Unexpectedly. I put them in reverse order, according to my preferences, with One being the worst-case scenario.

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  • 5. Wearing your clothes but no shoes, restrained, on a cushioned table, several thousand light-years away from Earth, surrounded by aliens.

    alien abduction
    image from http://www.educatinghumanity.com

  • 4. Without your outerwear, stiff, cold, without ID, keys, money or facts, in the middle of a place you don’t recognize.

    lost woman
    image from http://www.alternet.org

  • 3. Wearing a johnnie, intubated, foggy, in pain, at least one limb in traction, in the ICU.

    ICU man
    image from helifreak.com

  • 2. Naked, hung-over, ashamed and chagrined, having had regrettable sex with someone inappropriate several hours ago.

    morning after drunk
    image from thealcoholenthusiast.com

  • 1. Dressed in your best clothes, surrounded by satin, in a closed coffin.

2011, COFFIN
image from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

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