Social Media and Readers’ Advisory: Tumblr

I’m one of those bloggers who resides on #Wordpress and just re-posts to #Tumblr: I now know I’ve been missing out. Plan to do more right on it next month! Thanks for the suggestions and info!

wrapped up in books

Today I’m in Kansas City at a MALA workshop talking about my favorite things: cats, books, libraries, and tumblr. You can find the slides and additional information from the half day workshop at Kaite Stover’s wiki, but here’s the outline and lots of links to accompany my talk. You can also view my slides in googledocs (the gifs animated there, but don’t in slideshare or a downloaded powerpoint).

What’s tumblr?

The boring answer: a microblogging platform and social media site that supports multimedia content that:

  • Allows you to share text, video, images
  • Blends traditional blog with twitter and a plus a little instagram thrown in

But what is tumblr *really?*

Tumblr is…

cat gifs


books, reading, and libraries

your favorite authors and publishers

your community


and yes, you have to be careful to avoid NSFW content.

Tumblr is…

184 million blogs!

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