A mantra and mudra of compassion for all beings

We all need to pray, meditate, wish: whatever moves you, to try to get these morons and horrible leaders to STOP THE KILLING!

Blazing Light, Love's Song

Meditate every day for world compassion. We are one. Anyone’s suffering is all people’s suffering. War is possible because we are at war within ourselves. Bring compassion to each moment. This is the true power.

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3 thoughts on “A mantra and mudra of compassion for all beings

  1. Thank you, Sally.
    Please, let us realize that harmful words can only create harm. The leaders of the world are just like you and I. We are all working out impurities of heart and mind. We must put only positive words into the world. Negative words are simply more war. Peace, dear sister!


    • Hi, Donna, I agree that “harmful words” are not helpful. However, it is important that we call out idiot compassion and horrible leadership and name it for what it is: harmful to us all. Ignorant, ill-intentioned, short-sighted and selfish motivation for harmful acts do not deserve to be given unconditional acceptance. We MUST be discerning as to what are helpful and what are harmful, what to accept and what to reject. Even His Holiness the Dalai Lama calls out negative acts and motivation as harmful and exhorts violent individuals and government leaders to stop harming/causing harm to each other.


      • I stand with your heart and its intention. But, Sally, only positive will result in positive. Negative words reinforce negative energy. That is simple physics and energy dynamics. His Holiness has never called any being by a negative name but has, most certainly, spoken out again aggression. He does so by reinstating that all beings seek happiness and well-being and that those who do that through harm are misguided. Until each of us is perfect in compassion, we cannot point fingers. The karma is real. Unkindness is unkindness.

        May the radiant heart blaze during this Leo full moon!


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