Are Humans Superior Creatures?

Thanks for posting. I see Cetaceans as the most intelligent, or perhaps Cephalopods. Certainly NOT humans. Best to you.

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I believe the people of the future will look back on these times and judge us harshly, like we judge the people of the 19th century for slavery, colonialism, genocide and other atrocities those folks committed without any apparent ethical qualms.  They will see even the most liberal of us as heartless in our neglect of poor people, animals, the Earth and the environment.  I’ve always wondered how people like the abolitionists gained their insight to see beyond the ethical status quo.  There have always been a few people that were more empathetic than the common crowd, and I think they were the bellwethers of their times.  If you you read and watch the news carefully, there are always stories that portend the future of human kindness.  To change requires going against the tide of common opinion, and that’s hard.

We like to think humans are different from animals.  That…

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  1. Thanks for reblogging Sally. I’ve always been fascinated with dolphins too. My friend Connell and I once try to talk our way into John Lilly’s lab, but they ran us off.


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