Consciousness Bookshelf

Some good and new recommendations, here. I added to the list in the COMMENTS section, also.

Jessica Davidson

A selection of recommended books about Consciousness for anyone on the path to awakening and self-knowledge. These are some of the books I’ve found particularly helpful or interesting over the years. There are longer reviews attached via links, and more to come…

Dr Eben Alexander – Proof of Heaven

Proof of Heaven

This is an astonishing account of a neurosurgeon’s Near Death Experience after suffering bacterial meningitis and falling into a coma. What he saw led him to question everything he believed in. This case of NDE is particularly interesting because Dr Alexander is uniquely qualified to explain exactly how and why his experience couldn’t be a mere hallucination as his neocortex wasn’t functioning. The book recounts in detail what happened during the week he was in a coma, pieced together from his medical records and testimony by his family and the doctors who helped him to recover.

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