Meet and Chat with Charles E. Yallowitz on October 22nd!

Come one, come all! Interrogate…. I mean converse with us LIVE or listen later!

Legends of Windemere

CHANGES Theme Image_3Get over Hump Day with me as I have my first LIVE interview courtesy of Sally Ember!

The event goes from 10-11 EST and you can click on the banner to go to the site!

For fun, here are some tips I’ve received:

  1. Don’t pick your nose.
  2. Don’t pass out.
  3. Remember to wear a shirt.
  4. Remember your name.
  5. Check what will be behind you on the video.
  6. Disconnect the phones and mute cellphone.
  7. Pray that the son does not get sick.
  8. Put up ‘Doorbell Broken’ sign.
  9. Go to bathroom before interview.
  10. Get a haircut, ya hippie!
  11. Shave and wash your face.
  12. Lose some weight . . . not sure how I’m supposed to accomplish this.
  13. Get a tan . . . I know I’m kind of pale, but I’m not going Oompa Loompa here.
  14. Try not to stutter or make the audience think your webcam froze.
  15. Pay your Internet bill.

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